How to fillet a gurnard

By Dean GroobyNZ Fishing World
How to fillet a gurnard

A pro's tips on filleting gurnard

NZFW says, "We ran this great how-to vid in our forum last year. It was so popular we thought we'd dig it out again for another run."

Filleting Gurnard by Dean Grooby on Vimeo.

How to Fillet Gurnard

Filleting fish can be a daunting task for the first time. What ever technique you learn or don’t learn, could stay with you for a lifetime of bad habits which are harder to break. I remember what it was like being given a lamb to cut up for the first time and not knowing where to start, unfortunately the results are obvious when you’ve finished hacking.

As a commercial filleter, we were always reminded about meeting fish recoveries/yields (36 – 41 % is a range for skin on) and not leaving flesh on the bone, any lower than this and higher products losses are achieved. In the commercial industry, many fish are used for a multiple of products for human consumption such as heads, roe, livers, fish frames for stock etc. with another range of products such as oils, powders, stock feed, pharmaceuticals, fish baits etc., with 100% of the fish being used.

If you think about your filleting achievements as a newby, we can assume a lower recovery of up to 10% is achieved, reducing the final recovery range to 26 – 31%, yes there will be many that can achieve much higher than this but thinking about the exercise individually, it doesn’t seem much but when you consider the total catch e.g. for Auckland region snapper 1 area (recreational) combined catch is 2600 tonnes, a 10% combined loss adds up to 100 tonnes of fillets or closer to 300 tonnes of whole fish for the year. The style of our videos show tips and techniques that have been learnt over many years and shared with each fish species in the comforts of your home or on the run.

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