2015 Summer Gear Guide - Tackle and Gadgets

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2015 Summer Gear Guide - Tackle and Gadgets

Some HOT new stuff, and some not so new but still must have stuff for 2015


This Japanese powerhouse brand enjoys a cult-like status in its homeland on the back of its legendary big fish subduing performance and famously robust approach to construction. The brand’s following is growing rapidly in this country too, at least partly thanks to the Big Angry Fish boys and their relentless pursuit of the largest kingfish in the land. TV shows aside, one thing we do know about Daiwa is that the company’s products have proven themselves for years, handling long-term abuse with some of this country’s hardest working charter professionals.

X8 J Braid

Introducing J-Braid from Daiwa. Perfectly suited for spin and baitcaster reels, Daiwa’s new, super high visibility Chartreuse J-Braid is ideal for the full spectrum of lure casting applications and promises longer casts with less knots. Available in 6lb – 80lb breaking strains, strength isn’t compromised and it displays ultimate abrasion resistance for your added confidence to fish it in even the heaviest structure.


Forming an essential component on any serious big fish hunter’s arsenal Cortland’s C-16 wind-on leader comes in 100ft spools of 80, 130 and 200lb test line. With a 16-carrier Spectra® fiber construction and uniform pick count the C16 wind-on leader material splices quickly and easily while providing a stronger, lower profile than Dacron.


Mustad, the world’s biggest hook seller has a number of new products on the market for 2015. A quick glance at the new range is all it takes to see this giant company is responding to the new ways recreational anglers fish, with products to cover lure fishing and braid techniques as well as diversity in the bait fishing space.

Mustad Hooks



Mustad Darter Jigheads employ Mustad ultrapoint jig hooks, with a bottom weighted jighead design to keep your softbait upright for perfect presentation. The Mustad UltraPoint hook offers state of the art hooking abilities and a longer life to your hook.


Specifically engineered for the rigours of speed jig fishing Mustad in-line singles offer  slimmer, chemically sharpened points for quicker penetration.


Understanding that having the perfect hook for every situation is difficult Mustad have put together a 7-style variety pack. Presented, ready to go in a segmented hook organiser, just pack directly into a fishing bag or use to restock an existing tackle box.


Losing a record-breaking fish because of a weak link is devastating. Mustad ball- bearing swivels, available in sizes 6 and 7, are designed to ensure this never happens.

Mustad – Accessories


This compact kit contains three razor-sharp stainless steel knives, a prostyle sharpening tool and a durable polymer fillet/cutting board. All items snap into molded pockets in a rugged carrying case for easy storage.


These ultra light aluminium scissors are specially designed to cut tough braided fishing lines. Strapped to your belt next to the pliers and a decent knife and you are good to go.


The modern angler’s essential tool, this stylish titanium coated plier is designed to be on hand at all times yet tethered so it never goes splash.


Specialist fishing outfitter Rod and Reel, is the ultimate destination store for anglers who appreciated a range of the best gear selected from around the world. With support from some of the most recognized tournament anglers in New Zealand, customers of Rod and Reel can expect a shopping experience second to none. Rod and Reel stocks an extensive range of tackle and accessories for both freshwater and saltwater, including brands such as Sage, Redington, Rio, Patagonia, Umpqua, Shimano, Daiwa, Okuma, Evergreen, Yamaga, HOTS, and Gamakatsu. Rod and Reel can be found at 480D Broadway, New Market, Auckland or visited in the virtual world at

Oddport Braid

YGK Oddport WXP1 is the combination of YGK’s WX braiding technology and super-high-tensile un-braided core filaments. The super-thin-filament braided line is said to offer much longer line life than other premium braids. Great for casting with spinning reels, as well as for deep sea jigging. Oddport braid offers a colour-coding system for accuracy on mid to deep water drops.

 Fisherman Delta 10-90 and 4-110 stick baits

These hot looking stickbaits are handmade in Japan and feature top quality line and hook attachment points to reduce gear failure under the stresses of trophy kingfish surface fishing. They have a fantastic swimming action and are effective when either walking the dog or when more vigorously pulled with a jerk and pop.

Jigstar PR bobbin

This variable control PR bobbin is adjustable even while tying a PR Knot. Featuring appealing aesthetics and precision engineering, the Jigstar PR Bobbin is the ideal tool for completing PR Knots with braided lines rated from PE1 to PE10.

DUEL Salty baits

These casting jigs are deadly when worked in the shallows (can be fished up to 25m), especially when the fish are feeding on anchovies, crabs, small flounder and the like. Fishing options include twitching along the bottom, dragging passively on the drift or casting into schooling fish. The 10g model in pink can be effective when the fish are surface feeding on krill. Available in 10g and 20g in a range of colours.

 Hayabusa Free Slide

Hayabusa Free Slide slow jigs are Japanese designed with a bright eye for fish attracting and hydrodynamic shape for minimal drag in the water column. Available in a range of sizes and colours.

 Fish Arrow softbaits

The ultimate in soft plastic jerkbaits, the Flash J utilises an aluminium foil insert to replicate the flashes of minnow and excite predatory species. Available in 3 and 5 inch jerk baits or paddletails and in a range of colours, it can be rigged weedless or with a jighead. Some say the Fish Arrow is the most realistic soft plastic on the market.

Evergreen hard baits

Evergreen casting baits are a range exquisitely finished saltwater minnows in various of sizes and patterns for the hard bait purist. A must-have in any connoisseur of top-end fishing tackle.


The brand that changed the way modern anglers fish when it released GULP, in fact should be recognised as having one of the most comprehensive and quality terminal tackle offerings in the fishing world.


Fireline Tournament Exceed fills the needs of cutting edge techniques that demand the highest performance braided lines. Tournament Exceed’s incredibly thin diameter improves casting distances, provides greater contact and control, delivers superior lure performance, improves drag capability and increases reel capacity.


Berkley Whiplash is a hardwearing and smooth casting braid suitable for many applications. A great Superline for using on fixed spool or multiplier reels, Berkley Whiplash can be used for many styles of fishing, whether it’s as a mainline for casting extreme distances or spinning with light lures.


Nitro jigs, with hooks by Owner, set the standard in the softbait space and find a place in almost every angler’s tackle box. Look to match the weight of the head and length of the hook shaft to the specific fishing conditions.


SlomMo jigs are specifically designed to be jigged with a slow rod tip or from a rod left in a rod holder. The double assist squid rig provides positive hooking and holding power while colour profiles have been developed to combine UV and flash in deep water.

SQUIDDOS with replacement skirts and hooks

Designed in Australia and field tested in Australia and New Zealand, Squiddo slow jigs offer high performance on their own but are ever better when combined with GULP products, via a built-in pigtail attachment.


These days this product needs little introduction. Worshipped by anglers anywhere it is used, GULP is a must on any boat serious about having a solution for every fishing circumstance encountered.


Utilising soft rubber net technology to reduce fish damage, Berkey’s range of collapsible nets with custom covers just make sense from a storage and portability point of view.


This popper is designed to be cast into the roughest conditions but also works well in the flattest seas. Made with high quality SS VMC hooks and through-wire construction and with one of the finest finishes on a popper today.


Ideal for walking the dog, the GT Minnow has been known to draw fish up from even the deepest depths to strike. This bait can be worked extremely fast or as slow as need be. Ideal for all uses but especially deadly around structure.


Sailfin microjigs offer a wide range or colours and weights to suit most New Zealand conditions and almost every table species likely to be encountered.


The tungsten balanced T-Caster is versatile enough for both cast-and-retrieve and drop-and-jig styles of fishing.


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