2015 Summer Gear Guide - Reels

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2015 Summer Gear Guide - Reels

Some HOT new stuff, and some not so new but still must have stuff for 2015


This Japanese powerhouse brand enjoys a cult-like status in its homeland on the back of its legendary big fish subduing performance and famously robust approach to construction. The brand’s following is growing rapidly in this country too, at least partly thanks to the Big Angry Fish boys and their relentless pursuit of the largest kingfish in the land. TV shows aside, one thing we do know about Daiwa is that the company’s products have proven themselves for years, handling long-term abuse with some of this country’s hardest working charter professionals.

Daiwa – Heavy Duty Spin


The 2015 Saltiga release enjoys new technologies such as Magsealed bearings (the ultilisation of a magnetized lubrication system) and an improved drag system termed ATD or Automated Tournament Drag, where the drag pressure is automatically eased on rather jammed on, in theory preventing line breakage on ultra heavy bites. Many reviewers say the Daiwa Saltiga is best heavy duty spinning reel ever made.


While still technically a Saltiga, the Dog Fight range has slightly more line capacity and a faster retrieve rate. It also sits like a sumo wrestler, at the big end of the Saltiga range.


Hot in both looks and performance, the Saltist Nero offers serious spin fish enthusiasts a more price sensitive option below the Saltiga. The Saltist Nero is available with maximum drag outputs of 10 and 15kg.

Daiwa –Baitcasting


The Tatula represents another example of Daiwa’s high performance throughout the range. The new TATULA200HS offers superior casting and the longevity of a top quality build


A quick search of the internet will reveal that the Daiwa Zillion is recognized for its robust construction and workhorse like performance. In 2015 the NZ distributor added the Zillion 1516H to its range. With a maximum drag output of 5kg the Zillion 1516H is ideally suited to snapper fishos looking for very high performance in their baitcaster outfit.


New to the Daiwa line-up for 2015 the Emcast Plus is considered outstanding value for money in a saltwater reel. Available in 6000 and 5000 sizes, the Emcast Plus offers silky smooth performance.

Daiwa –Performance Spin


The first thing you notice when you pick up the Exist is its weight. The machined Zaion body and rotor is incredibly light weight yet exhibits mores strength than the magnesium alloys available. Designed for the serious tournament angler, the 2015 Exist will set the standard for the ultimate in spinning reel technology.


Loaded with many of Daiwa’s latest designs and features including Digigear and Air Rotor, the Legalis performs as good as it looks. It’s also well priced with performance high enough to be a standout reel in the Daiwa range.


Jam-packed with Daiwa’s latest technologies and combining stylish looks with contemporary design, the 2015 Freams is one of the hottest reels we have seen in the Daiwa range. In the Freams, waterproofing has been made an absolute priority. A magnetized lubrication system is used which reduces dust or water intrusion, eliminates oil spray and improves reel life expectancy.


The new Ballistic EX is high-end spin excellence offered at a mid range price. With models ranging from trout-sized 2000 through to the saltwater workhorse-sized 4000, the Ballistic EX offers a range for anglers needing versatility.



Fin-Nor’s version of the classic straylining spin-fish reel, the Biscayne Bait Teaser features a drag system controlled by a simple knob at the rear of the reel that lets you manage the presentation of your bait or live-bait until the strike. With over 10kg of drag power on the main drag and 0.25-2.5kg on the bait-teaser there are plenty of options to get your bait presentation and strike just right.

Saltwater fly reels


The newest addition to the Nautilus family is the CCF-X2. The multiple award winning dual action CCF-X2 drag system features twice the drag strength (20lbs+), twice the smoothness and half the startup inertia as the former CCF. The CCF-X2 is featured in 4 sizes – the 6/8, 8/10, 10/12 and Silver King. All reels are fully sealed using proprietary Activseal technology. Other components included in the CCF-X2 line are hybrid ceramic bearings, TPX bushings and an oversized drag knob to adjust the smoothest drag from zero to max in 6 full turns with our Infinajust system.


Now an almost household name in New Zealand fishing circles, the Okuma brand is well established with experienced local anglers. The product has continued to improve and expand to the point where it is now considered one of the leading stables. Okuma also offers a value-for-money proposition many will find attractive.

Okuma spin

Avenger B

The highly versatile Avenger B offers reels from 8lb of drag to 33lb of drag. This would suggest there is an Avenger B model ready to suit the majority of fish species found in New Zealand waters. The right model would certainly be fine for trout or kingfish or anything in between. With the baitfeeder functionality, its also a reel suited to straylining or lure fishing. It is the angler’s preference really.


Okuma’s Azores spin fishing range encompasses four models starting with 55s, which offers 29-lbs of drag, all the way up to the 90s with its impressive 44-lbs of drag. In reality the 65s, 80s and 90s all offer 44-lbs of drag, the difference being found in the retrieve speeds and line capacities. These specs would suggest the Okuma Azores is at the heavier end of the spectrum, and suited to activities like top water fishing for light game.

Okuma overhead


Available in both right and left hand retrieve and with a 7.3:1 high-speed gear ratio, the Okuma Citrix makes a statement in the baitcaster/slow jig department. The A6061-T6 spool and multi-disc drag is tempered by the extra redundancy of a ten bearing drive system, micro-click drag adjustment and ergonomic swept-in handle. The Citrix is also available for right-handers in a gear ratio of 5.4:1.


With Metaloid, Okuma advances big game fishing reel technologies originally introduced by its Makaira and Andros models, allowing everyday anglers access to the performance these reels bought to the market. Metaliod includes three sizes, a M-5SN (narrow), M-5S and M-12S, each available in single speed as well as 2-speed design. These six reels cover the technique spectrum from vertical jigging, live bait fishing, lure casting and light trolling for species including kingfish and yellowfin tuna.


Arguably the world’s best known fishing brand, Penn, is an American icon. With roots going all the way back 1932 few companies in the fishing space can claim to have so much actual on-the-water experience. Recent years have seen a serious overhaul of its products, with the spin fishing series receiving the most obvious attention. A number of Penn’s new offerings have crossed our desk in the last couple of months and we like what we see.

Penn Spinfishing


The PENN Battle II offers attractive cosmetics, durable design, and silky smooth HT-100 drag as just a few of the many reasons why so many anglers fish this reel. The Full Metal Body construction allows it to maintain precision gear alignment under severe punishment.


The PENN Conflict features stealthy cosmetics, a lightweight design, and silky smooth HT-100 drag. From snapper to yellowfin tuna, the Conflict was designed to perform and engineered to last. 


The Penn Fierce 2 offers Live Liner technology allowing the angler to feed line in a controlled manner to a fish before engaging the main drag. Its field-proven oiled-felt drag system is extremely reliable and comes in a range to tame the wide range of fish available in NZ waters.



The Fathom lever drag series offers power and speed in a lightweight package. These reels are specifically engineered to be fished with superline and cover a wide range of fishing applications such as jigging, live baiting, and bottom fishing. Penn Fathom reels are available in single or two speed options.


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