MotaYak becomes TrueKit

By TrueKitNZ Fishing World
MotaYak becomes TrueKit

New Zealand inflatable manufacturer MotaYak launches new range with a new name.

America’s Cup yachtie, Rod Dawson, is on a mission to bring adventure to everyone who wants it. So he took over a small inflatable boat manufacturer and turned it into New Zealand’s latest on-the-water success story.

The MotaYak range already had a strong following thanks to the unique bag-to-the-water in under ten minutes convenience of a genuinely stable and durable bagable inflatable design. Now, under the new banner of True Kit, Rod has raised the standard with a suite of design and construction enhancements that have more than doubled the guarantee to five years.

Rod sourced more durable, UV-resistant fabrics from a German manufacturer that’s been a leader in the field for over sixty years. And at the state-of-the-art production facility he instituted mandatory welded seams instead of the conventional (and short-lived) glued versions.

True Kit and their supply partners, Honda Marine for outstanding outboards and Railblaza for top quality fittings, can now offer the complete package for yachties, fishermen, motorhomers or backwoods explorers.

Rod’s proud of the boats he’s created, and Takapuna’s weekend beach strollers have found he’s always ready to introduce them to a wave clipping adventure. Why? ‘Because it’s out there.’ 


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