Product Review - THE BOSS slow pitch jig

By Scott MacDonnellNZ Fishing World
Product Review -  THE BOSS slow pitch jig

Who's The Boss? Well this lure does often put you in charge

Close up and personal the BOSS is a very tasty unit

Catch Fishing's latest addition to their comprehensive fishing lure range is a very impressive version of a medium to large slow pitch jig.

Taking key attributes from popular lures developed in Japan, THE BOSS incorporates a number of features that make this one of the more deadly weapons if you are interested in chasing big snapper, kingfish, hapuka or just about any other aggressive predator.

Having used the lure myself and seen it in action I can vouch for the performance and guarantee, that if used properly, this will catch you good fish.

Cam Allen and Catch founder John Donald strapped into some nice snapper on THE BOSS lures.  Note the gear being used both overhead and spin.

The key properties that make the lure work include:

1) a proven shape that is on the flat side for slow pitch jigs, making it flutter actively in the water column.

2) side 'wings' that add further movement and vibration that the developers at Catch believe gives off acoustic 'sounds' that attract fish from distance.

3) A stunning holographic finish that is a natural fish colour on one side, and then offerred in 4 popular colour patterns on the alternative side.  The theory behind this is that a tumbling lure gives off a contrasting flash from colour to natural further attracting the attention of feeding monsters.

4) A prominant 3D eye indicates the end that the lure should be attached to - specifically, the steel ring thatis also affixed to a super strong kevlar assist cord.

5) Catch have opted for a single heavyweight hook (much like you would find on a kingfish jig) to make the lure optimum for handling particularly large specimens, rather than go for the traditional double hook rigs commonly found on other slow pitch jigs.

The four colours offered on the Boss's flip side - orange assassin is my pick.

Fishing the Boss

Slow pitch jigs can be fished using various techniques.  The most popular is to simply let the jig fall naturally, and work it slowly up and down in the lower water column.

During an active session using this lure it was being smashed as long as you got it anywhere near fish, so whether fish are feeding aggressively or you have to search them out, this lure can be fished with confidence.

A ballistic blue 150gram lure accounted for some very nice snapper over the Manukau bar

Try mixing up the colours out there.  I have found on occasion the 'orange assassin' colour outfished others by a significant margin, and yet on other days greens and blues were the money.

This lure is on the larger side, available in 80, 100, and 150 gram sizes, so make sure your rod is nice and flexible, but still strong enough to manage, and set the hook.

If in doubt contact you local tackle store, Catch make a specific rod and reel combo designed for their range.

This lure is certainly a pretty safe addition to your tackle box.  

In deeper or faster running current you may want to opt for something a bit faster sinking, but in most situations if you are fishing this lure without luck, fish are not likely there!

A nice icebox filled with a 2 hour BOSS session


Catch Fishing's THE BOSS

WEIGHTS: 80g, 100g, 150g

COLOURS: Holographic foil finish -  Ballistic Blue, Green Reaper, Orange Assassin & Shady Lady

Single heavy weight assist hook

Kevlar assist cord

3D eye


Big action

Very effective on a wide range of species

Effective on big fish

Good colour and size range

strong hardware

Not So Much

Will offer too much drag in very strong current

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