All new Long John Slider from Catch Fishing

By Scott MacDonnellNZ Fishing World
All new Long John Slider from Catch Fishing

This year has been a boomer for kingfish, with monsters big and small creating as many Facebook posts as snapper for a change. These overpowered finned tractors never fail to amaze with their sheer strength and determination, even when only moderately sized. They can be either voracious or very picky, but targeting them just got that little bit easier with the launch of the new Long John Slider jig from Catch Fishing.

Kingies are justifiably a genuine gamefish, and bat above their often ample weight when it comes to strength and cunning.

Although smaller versions can be a welcome by catch when straylining or using softbaits and other lures, bigger specimens really require targeting with specific and suitably heavy tackle.

The three popular methods for targeting the big boys include using live baits, mechanical style jigs, or surface lures - poppers and stickbaits.

On any given day only one of the above may work depending on how mr kingfish is feeling or where they are holding in the water column.

Live baits are deadly on this species but they do require a bit of dedication to catch and maintenance to keep alive.  Not always convenient or even a viable option.

Stick baits can be very effective and are certainly incredibly entertaining, but they rely on fish coming to the surface so again, not always a go.

Another feisty little kingfish released after attacking the bigger 300 gram Long John Slider

Enter probably the most convenient and certainly one of the most effective methods for targeting kings... mechanical style jigging. 

Mechanical, knife, or speed jigs as they are known are very long and thin, although shapes and models vary, and usually weigh 150 - 300 grams.  Fished on moderately flexible but grunty jig rods, the jig is dropped to the bottom (or to where fish appear on the sounder) and 'mechanically jigged' with a specific lift and wind motion hurriedly to the surface, hopefully to be intercepted on the way.

The easiest way to illustrate this action is to have a look at a master of the discipline on the video here...  (We slowed it down in the middle so you can see the lift up - wind up, drop down - wind down fundamental action).   

Kingfish are absolute magpies, they love 'shiny and bright' and are attracted to fast movement that represents fleeing baitfish.  

The new Long John Slider from Catch has got shiny and bright dialled!

An all new highly reflective holographic foil finish, in four popular colours, literally throws off bands of flash that can be seen as the lure drops.  The new super strong gold finish stainless assist hook, on heavy kevlar cord is further decorated with flash skin and reflective dressing.  If that is not enough the lumo spots and 3D holographic eye inset and featured on both sides of the lure should do it.

We used these jigs to great effect recently, with smaller kings diving all over them, bigger ones in the mix and a real beast that claimed the lure for himself as we lost the race for the bottom.

I've also witnessed a kingfish take this jig halfway up the column at full speed that turned out to be a 20lb snapper.  

The Long John Slider has a unique fluttering action delivered by the weighting, centre keel and wider head area so can also be jigged a bit slower when you get tired, and it still works.

Available in 150, 200 and 300 gram models the all new version of this lure is absolutely worth a place in the tackle box.  


Catch Fishing Long John Slider

WEIGHTS: 150g, 200g, 300g
COLOURS: Red Ripper, Ballistic Blue, Green Reaper & Shady Lady.

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