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The ABU Veritas has been one of our favourite rod patterns over the last few years. In 2018 it looks even better than ever with key improvements to guides, grips and taper dynamics. This is a sensational rod to turn to for all spinning work and soft baiting or fishing microjigs.


This is the brief and even somewhat understated description of the rods from their distributors:

Veritas rods combine a 30 ton construction with SubLayer Armor™ for uncompromising strength and sensitivity in a lightweight, balanced design.

Fuji components feature throughout the Veritas range. Fuji KR guides with Alconite

inserts and lightweight Fuji reel seats.

The Veritas balanced design is completed with a hyper tactile Ultralon EVA grip system for improved ergonomics and overall sensitivity.

In-The-Field long term tackle test

My Veritas 2 in action on another big snapper that fell for a GULP soft bait

I have used the Veritas rods from generation 1 onwards, and without doubt they have been a favourite, accounting for a huge number of big snapper, decent kingfish and many other species mostly hooked on soft baits.

The trademark, and very attractive (in my opinion) white blank makes this rod stand out distinctively from traditional dark carbon models.

The heart of a rod is more than just looks though, and my infatuation has been with the light weight, smooth action and delicate feel that this blank offers.

How is this blank so light and supple?  Top secret production methods using carbon nano-fibre technology that  effectively allows the blank walls to retain strength without bulk.

Early models had very flimsy guides, and that has now been rectified by specifying only the best from FUJI.

Another pet peeve from early models, was a reversed rod seat that placed the rod hand fingers directly on the reel seat thread when in use.

This too has been rectified with all new grip layouts that work like a treat.  The Veritas spinning rods sport a reasonably short butt section that works well when seated on a kayak or small boat by not getting in the way and catching on body or life vests. 

The Veritas range is available from microjig to surf caster with many options in between.

Priced at an extraordinarily competitive rate considering the performance, this rod will remain as one of my all time go-to options.


ABU Veritas 3

VRT3-C 591M 4-7KG 1451269 5’9″ 1 4-7kg 6-45g M CASTING
VRT3-C 601H 5-10KG 1451270 6’0″ 1 5-10kg 8-58g H CASTING
VRT3-C 621ML 3-6KG 1451271 6’2″ 1 3-6kg 8-35g ML CASTING
VRT3-C 661M 5-8KG 1451272 6’6″ 1 5-8kg 8-50g M CASTING
VRT3-C 791XH 10-25KG 1451273 7’9″ 1 10-25kg 28-120g XH CASTING
VRT3-S 601H 6-10KG 1451274 6’0″ 1 6-10kg 12-68g H SPINNING
VRT3-S 631ML 3-6KG 1451275 6’3″ 1 3-6kg 9-38g ML SPINNING
VRT3-S 541L 2-4KG 1451276 5’4″ 1 2-4kg 2-10g L SPINNING
VRT3-S 662UL 1-3KG 1451277 6’6″ 2 1-3kg 2-8g UL SPINNING
VRT3-S 681M 4-8KG 1451278 6’8″ 1 4-8kg 10-48g M SPINNING
VRT3-S 6103L 2-4KG 1451279 6’10” 3 2-4kg 2-10g L SPINNING
VRT3-S 682ML 3-7KG 1451280 6’8″ 2 3-7kg 8-35g ML SPINNING
VRT3-S 722UL 1-3KG 1451281 7’2″ 2 1-3kg 2-8g UL SPINNING
VRT3-S 731M 4-8KG 1451282 7’3″ 1 4-8kg 10-48g M SPINNING
VRT3-S 702M 4-8KG 1451283 7’0″ 2 4-8kg 10-48g M SPINNING
VRT3-S 702L 2-4KG 1451284 7’0″ 2 2-4kg 2-10g L SPINNING
VRT3-S 722H 6-10KG 1451285 7’2″ 2 6-10kg 7-45g H SPINNING
VRT3-S 721H 6-10KG 1451286 7’2″ 1 6-10kg 7-45g H SPINNING
VRT3-S 701XH 8-15KG 1451288 7’0″ 1 8-15kg 18-85g XH SPINNING
VRT3-S 731L 2-4KG 1451289 7’3″ 1 2-4kg 2-10g L SPINNING
VRT3-S 742ML 3-5KG 1451290 7’4″ 2 3-5kg 9-28g ML SPINNING
VRT3-S 922H 6-10KG 1451291 9’2″ 2 6-10kg 20-68g H SPINNING
VRT3-S 631LJ PE1-3/80 1451292 6’3″ 1 PE1-3 ~MAX 80g ML LIGHT JIG (SPIN)
VRT3-S 651J PE2-4/120 1451293 6’5″ 1 PE2-4 ~MAX 120g M JIGGING (SPIN)
VRT3-S 621J PE3-5/230 1451294 6’2″ 1 PE3-5 ~MAX 230g MH JIGGING (SPIN)
VRT3-C 631J PE2-4/150 1451295 6’3″ 1 PE2-4 ~MAX 150g M JIGGING (OH)
VRT3-C 621J PE3-5/230 1451296 6’2″ 1 PE3-5 ~MAX 230g MH JIGGING (OH)
VRT3-SF 1002H 10-15KG 1454744 10’0″ 2 10-15kg 30-120g H SPINNING

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