Nikko tailrubber soft bait - sliding jigs

By StaffNZ Fishing World
Nikko tailrubber soft bait - sliding jigs

Anyone who loves the latest goodies in the lure department might well be interested in this little concept available currently from Yeehaa tackle.

We all know how deadly the kaburas from the likes of Catch Fishing are.

Lining up in the orange and red corner are these new versions from Japanese company Nikko.

According to the packet they elicit strike changing orientation!  

The essence of the lure is a buoyant squid tentacled body that is constructed from a very stretchy and 'wobbly' rubber a bit like a Z man.

Hooks look good, a smaller tail hook and a slightly larger main hook hiding in the tentacles - they are teflon coated Owners, so should do the job.

Colours and sizes, red or orange in 80 - 100-120 grams at this stage.

We have not yet tried these on the local snapper, but they look pretty promising!  Stay tuned for a tackle test report coming soon.


Nikko sliding softbaits

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