Shimano OCEA Sardine Waver slow jigs

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Shimano OCEA Sardine Waver slow jigs

Here’s a red hot looking jig freshly out from the team at Shimano Fishing. At NZFW we love our slow pitch jigging, and these new releases from Shimano promise to be the real deal. As soon as we have a good field test under the belt we will be reporting back, but if looks could kill, these lures will be pure magic.

What we like. 

The shape is a cross between some of the most effective high end Japanese lures we have been having great success with over the last couple of years.

The medium cigar style jig gets down at a good speed but with enough movement and shimmer from its narrow profile to attract fish.

Just remember to pause your jig between lifts to give snapper time to actually hit it.

The size range is also bang on, starting at 100 grams and moving to 130 grams for classic 50-70 metre work, we like that there are also 160 and 180 gram versions for heavier duties down a bit deeper targeting Hapuka, kings, and big snapper.

Available in five colour waves, the silver and lumo striped will be our go to for testing.

The SW is rigged with a single jig assist, which is strong and will no doubt do the job.  We’ll be changing out to barbless doubles which make life great when it comes to hooking up and subsequently releasing fish at the boat or from the net.

Shimano claim the Sardine Waver is an exciting lure option especially for inshore and mid water depth slow jigging work, and we agree.

According to the big S, aside from a slow fall, the Sardine Waver’s multiple action design incorporates a back slide, switching to a wobbling fall, and then a tight back and forth zigzag.

One, if not all of these movements are sure to appeal to a hungry predator!

If you need a refresher on how to fish these jigs, here’s a video we made a fair while back that is worth watching.



Shimano Sardine waver

Four sizes 100, 130, 160, 180 grams

Five colour waves 

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