FCL Labo surface lures

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FCL Labo surface lures

There’s been a real growth in the stick bait and surface lure department this year, with so many anglers enjoying great action getting ripped by the local kingfish population. Fishing sticks around opportunistic boilups, reef structure, or marker buoys etc, is without doubt totally thrilling to see, and the gear is so much fun to fight fish on.

There is true gear porn available to those that want to spend a lot of money on Japanese hand carved creations from makers such as Carpenter, Kikuchi, CB One etc.

Without doubt these lures tend to perform above and beyond, and have accounted for some spectacular kingfish and other pelagic species being landed both from boats and by land based fisho’s.

However, the downside of fishing these stunning creations is the price of losing them in a high risk environment, or perhaps they are just out of your budget range.

Often a decent kingfish hooked from the bricks, or over any structure, has as much chance of belting off with your gear and smashing you off, leaving a hole in your wallet as he swims away sporting a very expensive hood ornament.

Thankfully, there is an option that allows you to stick bait on a budget, using a high quality Japanese lure that not only looks the part, but is a proven weapon that swims well, is easy to use, and more importantly, is very effective against surface feeding predators.

Although there are several good plastic stick bait and subsurface lures available from Zeets, Shimano, Catch, and Nomad etc, The FC LARBO brand of lures, stocked and provided for photography by GoFish Tackle, are just the answer if you like Champaign on a beer budget.

These lures are Japanese made from a tough urethane, and feature a full stainless wire running through the lure, with a spectacular colour finish in several patterns. 

Renown, for their easy to swim action, and fish attracting capability, GoFish is stocking a range mostly comprising the floating stick bait TBO patterns, and the sinking TS designs.

The TBO stickbait is relatively new to the FCL Labo range, and features an upward chiselled face and characteristic broad head which enables it to be worked very easily just sub surface. Ideally the best way to work the TBO is with shorter sweeps of the rod which will create a strong ‘S’ shape action through the water.  Make sure you pause between sweeps to allow the fish to smash it.

FCL Labo TS sinking stickbait ideal for sub surface or rough days

The TS sinking stick baits will cast like a bullet, and are good for when the fish are down a bit and can’t be raised to the surface, or for when surface conditions are a bit rough, and it’s hard to swim the ‘floaters’ effectively.

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FCL Labo surface lures

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