Bridle-rigged live skipjack tuna

By Jeff StrangNZ Fishing World
Bridle-rigged live skipjack tuna

The ability to bridle rig and deploy a healthy skipjack tuna live bait is an essential skill for any serious game fisherman.

If I think back to the my ten most memorable gamefish captures at least 5 have come solely because we had live a skipjack tuna ready at the moment of truth. Fish of note on live skippies would include and 384 kg blue marlin, a 94 kg yellowfin tuna in Hawaii as well as several black marlin, mid-sized blues and stripeys over 140 kg all on the King Bank.

The secret is to have them ready when you need them and for that I recommend a quality tuna tube set-up. Take a look a this unit from Hi Tech plastics - on special at the moment to NZ Fishing Club members.

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