Auckland Hot Spots

By Forsyth ThompsonNZ Fishing World
Auckland Hot Spots

NZ Fishing World’s Forsyth Thompson has fished the length and breadth of New Zealand. Part three of this series covers some of his best spots in and around Auckland.

Mihi Rock, Little Barrier

36 10’56.87S 175 03’04.60E

Target species: Snapper

Good spot, particularly spring-autumn. Berley up, use large unweighted baits and 10-15kg mainline to 60lb-plus trace. Plenty of foul here so be prepared to work hard to get these big fish to the boat!

Challenger Island, Kawau

36 27’14.6S 174 52’25E

Target species: Snapper

A great spring and autumn spot for the land-based fisherman. South eastern area fishes well with a good chance at XOS snapper.

Typical straylining spot: plenty of berley and cubed pillies, often see snapper right up to the berley bag.

Awash Rock

36 44’07.55S 174 56’44.03E

Target species: Snapper

Great area to softbait through during the summer. Plenty of table fish and the odd bigger one to be taken, especially in spring. Fishes best mid-tide when the current is running. 

Sandy Bay, Motutapu

36 44.243S 174 54.564E

Target species: Snapper and kingfish

Just off the reef here can fish well using bait and berley. Straylining with unweighted baits or a very small ball sinker is best, keep the berley constant. 6-10kg mainline and lighter (30-50lb) trace. Also produces kingfish in summer.

Battleship, Auckland Harbour

36 49.984S 174 47.027E

Target species: Snapper 

In the summer months when the snapper come in close to spawn, drift with softbaits or bait along the banks of the Auckland Harbour.

A good time to save petrol and get a great feed. Work the tides to ensure it is fishable as it can get up some speed. Often either side of high or low tide will work. 

For more information and bite times check out the NZ Fishing World reports page

Get out there and have some fun.

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