Which Braid for me?

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Which Braid for me?

In order to best understand the ins and outs of braid we have soft bait guru and Technical Manager at Pure Fishing Malcolm Dawson to give us his advice.


The quality of a particular product is determined by the number of carriers (strands) it has as well as the blend. This number should be marked on the packaging. Basically the higher the number of carriers, the denser it is. This increases the product’s sink rate, something of value when plumbing the depths.


Most anglers would agree that thin is pretty much always good but it really is most important when fishing deep.

As stated above; thin, dense lines sink faster and stay in the strike zone longer due to the inherently reduced drag. While often difficult to appreciate from the boat, sub- surface currents do strange things to the line, pushing it in different directions and inevitably lifting the baited end off the bottom and out of the strike zone.

Malcolm Dawson’s favourite ultra-thin superline is Berkley Whiplash, which is available up to 100 lb breaking strain. It’s tough, thin and highly rated by deep-water fishing professionals.


Right at the other end of the spectrum sits the blended lines. Sometimes referred to as fused lines these are thicker in nature so not as effective at depth.

The upside is that memory is introduced to the product making it easier to use on a spinning reel. Shallow water softbait and lure aficionados favour better quality versions of these blended lines.

Fireline is the particular blend of superline favoured by Malcolm Dawson.


If time in the strike zone is the key to optimizing fishing time what do you do if the strike zone isn’t either hard on the bottom or in front of you on the surface? The trick to solving that riddle is in knowing exactly how much line you have in the water.

Targeting kingfish in mid water is the classic example of this scenario. Skilled amateurs and professionals such as Tairua’s Epic charter company routinely utilize multi-coloured braid (marked in 10 metre lengths) to accurately place baits and jigs in the most productive layer of water. Unfortunately most versions of this product are thicker in diameter than true deep-water braids and best fished  in 80m. Powerpro Depth Hunter si one of the most popular versions of this product.

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