Morning Tide Fishing asks, "What Rod?"

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Morning Tide Fishing asks, "What Rod?"

The Australian land-based fishing crew from Morning Tide Fishing put of range of land-based rods through their paces with a camera and a measuring tape.

The Morning Tide crew say, "Off the rocks it pays to get your lure out as far as it will go. Having the right rod is the most important factor when trying to do this. Here we put eight different rods against each other to see which casts further!"


65.16m - Daiwa Demon Blood (9’6) DB 962H AU$399
61.83m - Daiwa Saltiga Dorado (8’3) MO83S-F AU$650
61.30m - Prototype (9’6) AU$300
60.53m - United Composite (10’) Custom AU$650
57.90m - Daiwa Catalina (7’9) CH79S-N AU$249
57.80m - Hammond Prototype (8’6) Custom AU$N/A
53.56m - Okuma Salina 3 (7’9) SA3-S-792MH AU$169
52.96m - Okuma Salina 3 (7’6) SA3-S-762M AU$159


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