5 big fish reasons to go fishing in New Zealand

By Jeff StrangNZ Fishing World
5 big fish reasons to go fishing in New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for the Lord of the Rings. It's also one of the world's very best fishing destinations. Here's five species you will probably not catch bigger anywhere else.

1 - Striped marlin

NZ striped marlin

Almost every IGFA world record for striped marlin is held in New Zealand. Average fish weigh 220 pounds. 400 pound stripeys are caught every season.

2 - Yellowtail kingfish

Yellowtail kingfish

​Often described as pound-for-pound, the world's hardest fighter, yellowtail kingfish are one of New Zealand's most exciting fishing attractions. Average fish weigh 40 pounds with trophies over 100 pounds caught and released frequently.

3 - Snapper / squire fish

NZ snapper

Snapper or squire fish as they are known in the Southern Hemisphere, are famous for their eating qualities. As a sport fish, snapper excel and can be caught with a very wide range of techniques. Trophy specimens range between 20 and 35 pounds.

4 - Silver trevally

silver trevally

An agressive feeder and brutal fighter, silver trevally are a salt-water fly-fisherman's dream. Remote fly-fishing flats to the north of New Zealand are slowly opening up to visiting international anglers. Any visit to these untouched waters is an adventure in itself.

5 - Brown trout

Brown trout

The bad boy brawler of the trout fishing world, New Zealand's browns are worth the price of the airfare on their own. Sight-fishing with guides is the norm with fish as big as 30 pounds taken occasionally. That the scene of such battles is so breath-taking is just the icing on the cake.

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