Piha marlin on a Penn Spinfisher

By via YouTubeNZ Fishing World
Piha marlin on a Penn Spinfisher

A couple of lads in tinny catch a west coast stripey on a Penn Spinfisher

"We headed out from Piha at first light, making our way out to 90-metres while finding scattered albies, skippies and birds. We dragged plastics out to 185-m with no luck but decided to keep pulling plastics and head in to around 95-metres. 

On the way in at around 105-m,  we saw some tuna on the surface so out went the teasers, two tuna lures and a 9.5" Pakula cockroach in violeta. The stripey came in fast all lit up, smashed the Pakula and took off on a good run. We settled in for the fight. 15-mins later the reel breaks away from the rod with both top and bottom reel seats broken. We found some electrical tape, which did the job nicely. 

We ad the fish on for 3-hours, most of that time with the leader just out of reach. I grabbed the bill and hung on while my bro let loose with the welcome-aboard bat.
Pulled it onboard easy as pie and headed for home. Two happy Smith brothers right there".

The fish weighed 105.6-kg 

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