Destination Little Barrier and outer Hauraki Gulf

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Destination Little Barrier and outer Hauraki Gulf

Little Barrier Island often beckons in the distance for those fishing Kawau. On a scenic basis alone it is worth the journey. Get there on the right day the fishing can be as good as it gets.

Those more used to fishing the Gulf’s worm beds and work ups will find it challenging and requiring a higher level of skill. Speaking of work ups, in this section we also cover the deep middle reaches of the Gulf, which are most famous for this intense action, with gannets, dolphins and Bryde’s whales all adding to the spectacle.

1. Te Hue Point – snapper

Best depth seems to be 50m, particular on the drift with softbaits.

2. Mihi Rock – snapper

Best in spring-autumn. Berley up, use large unweighted baits and 10-15kg mainline to 60lb-plus trace. Plenty of foul here so be prepared to work hard to get bigger fish to the boat.

3. Waimaomao Bay – snapper

Use a sounder to mark fish then target the bottom with lures. Good spot in a light southwest breeze.

4. Hingaia Point – snapper, kingfish

Drifting across the outer reaches of the reef can be productive. Ledger rigs with long sinker traces will help avoid snags.

5. Boulders, Titoki Point – snapper

Probably Little Barrier’s most famous spot. Drifting is the
easiest although if you can get an anchor to hold, with a favourable current berley will produce the goods. Try a live mackerel for
that fish of a lifetime.

6. Little Barrier corners – snapper, kingfish

As a rule of thumb the island’s four corners fish best due to current flow. The trick is to fish the current with the breeze in your favour so plan ahead based on the tide and the wind direction.

7. Horn Rock – snapper, kingfish

This large area of foul is one must be hunted with a sounder to find fish as they move around quite a bit. Most advise to stay away from the shallows and to fish the reef margins.

8. 50m squiggles behind Anchorite – snapper, kingfish

Holds very large numbers of fish, particularly during work up season. Fish the birds with lures when activity is high. Fishing the bottom also works if fish are marked on small foul.

9. Middle ground between Colville and Rangitoto –
snapper, kingfish

Like the 50m squiggles this area holds vast numbers of fish at times. A preferred depth is 42 to 46m. Work up fishing is common but bottom fishing with the anchor down can be enormously productive on days that appear quieter. A good sounder is essential if the birds are not showing as it is easy to think there are no fish around.

10. Anchorite Rock – kingfish

This area that gets a bit of a hammering. Jigging and livebaiting both produce the goods at times. It’s a bit of a trek, so pick your days, weather and tide wisely. Again, baitfish sign is what you are looking for, and those darker marks hanging around the baitfish on your sounder will commonly be kingfish. There is a lot of foul so don’t let the jig stay on the bottom for long before winding up a few turns.

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