Destination Mokohinau Islands + black marlin at Mokes vid

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Destination Mokohinau Islands + black marlin at Mokes vid

The Mokohinau Islands would have to be the most talked about destination in the Hauraki Gulf. Unfortunately, its remote location and the lack of accurate information on how to get the most from a trip out there means many never actually give the Mokes a crack.

Peter Bourke, owner/operator of the Sandspit branch of the Wave Dancer charters took some time out of a busy fishing day to talk to us about this rough diamond in the outer Hauraki Gulf.

1. Simpson Rock – kingfish, snapper

Look for baitfish on the surface as a sign of potential action. Towing rapallas and casting stickbaits seems to get the best results.

 2. 46m rise north of Simpson Rock – snapper

Drifting with a sea anchor deployed fishing ledger rigs catches snapper. Slow jigs also effective.

 3. Fanal Island – snapper

A slow drift with ledger rigs across the face of Motukino Bay produces the goods.

 4. Maori Rocks – kingfish

Excellent popper and stickbait country. Work the surface activity hard. Pete’s biggest fish from this spot is 45kg.

 5.Maori Rocks – snapper

Top spot to practice wash fishing techniques. Toss a softbait into the whitewater and control its fall into the deep. Big fish will hit will no warning.

 6.Burgess Island pass – snapper

Drifting through this channel with bait of softbaits can be surprisingly productive, particularly on the northern side.

 7.Groper Island, eastern side – hapuka

These deep pins hold hapuka. Try slower jigs on the bottom or sink live jack mackerel on a ledger rig.

 8.Groper Island, western side – kingfish

Jigs work well in most conditions but try stickbaits if baitfish are on the surface. For a really big fish drop in an oversized livebait.

 9.Burgess Island anchorage

The bay that faces north is the islands best overnighting anchorage. It is essential to have a clear weather forecast as this is not a spot to be caught in any inclement weather.

10. Hokoromea Island landing – anchorage

More exposed from the west than Burgess Island. Fishes well on strayline with plenty of berley.

Tony Orton and Ian Biddick discuss their black marlin capture at the Mokohinau Islands

How to catch a 300-kg black marlin from Jeff Strang on Vimeo.

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