Spearo tip of the week - When you find a Crayfish

By WildFox ProductionsNZ Fishing World
Spearo tip of the week - When you find a Crayfish

Ever found a crayfish, gone to the surface to breathe up and come back to find that it's tucked back and locked in to the crack or cave it's hiding in? Try this..

This tip will help once you have found a crayfish. The best thing to do if you don't have enough breath is drop your gun to mark the spot (But only if you have a floatline/float set up! You don't want to lose your gun in dirty water). 

Breathe up at the surface and go directly to the cray hole without wasting any precious O2.

The MOST IMPORTANT PART is the swim up after you have found the crayfish! Be sure not to kick directly up. You will disrupt the water underneath you and the crayfish will pick up this disturbance with their antennae and spook back and lock in to any crack or cave they are sitting in, which will make getting them out a hell of a lot more challenging.

Drift up slowly if you can, or swim up using your hands and then kick out to the side to get to the surface. This should hopefully keep the cray from disappearing.

Would be stoked to know if this helped in any way, so if it did feel free to leave a comment and if you have any other questions let us know :)

Wildfox Productions

**Sorry about the nasty noise at the start, it was just the pole filling with a little water**

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