Auckland Kayak Spots - Martins Bay

By Jason WalkerNZ Fishing World
Auckland Kayak Spots - Martins Bay

Located around an hour or 70km north of the Auckland Harbour Bridge is a large sheltered bay, which opens up many fishing spots for both kayaks and boats.

So where to find the fish?

Martins Bay is one of those spots where it’s easier to list where you shouldn’t fish as the whole bay will hold fish most of the year. But there are some areas worth heading to.

1. On the Way

Launching a kayak from the beach you will  see two islands in front of you - Motuketekete on the left and Moturekareka on the right. Take your pick as to which one you head to and keep an eye on your fish-finder as you paddle. From as close as 500m from the beach right over to the islands you’ll find schools of snapper hanging over the sand.

2. Off the End

When or if you make it to the islands, I suggest heading to the right and fishing on the southern end of Moturekareka island. Start in close to the rocks and slowly drift south into the deeper water as the fish will change the depth they are in at different times of year. In this area you can quickly find yourself in 20m+ so it’s easy to cover a lot of water in quick time. Again keep an eye on your electronics to help you spot the fish and depth.

3. In the Channel

If the fishing is slow then continue around the island in an anticlockwise direction fishing as you go till you enter the channel between the two islands. Here you will find current and at the top of the tide there is fair amount of water flowing and you’ll often find kahawai and trevally sitting in the current. If you are lucky there will also be the odd kingfish cruising through too.

Another option at Martins Bay is to head to the left from the beach and paddle over towards Kawau Island. There is a channel called South Channel on the charts that runs through from Sandspit out to the Hauraki Gulf. Fish on the edges of the channel most times of the year.

Info: All weather boat ramp – although you will end up on hard sand at low tide. Plenty of parking is provided for vehicles with and without trailers on metal, grass and sealed parking areas.

Martins Bay also offers the opportunity to sleep where you fish - well next to where you fish at least; there is a large Auckland Council owned and operated campground offering full camp facilities. It has both tent sites (with and without power) and cabins for sleeping and a very large fish filleting and boat cleaning area.

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