Jaws - 40 years of fascination

By Thomas BlackNZ Fishing World
Jaws - 40 years of fascination

With this month being the 40th anniversary of the release of the original ‘summer blockbuster’ Jaws, we at NZFW thought it no better time to put together a compilation of why we love sharks.

For those unfamiliar with Jaws (1975), it was an iconic film for two reasons. One – It is widely regarded as laying the formula what is now the modern summer blockbuster. And two – it terrified a lot of people.

Clip via Classic Movie Trailers

While many people saw the main antagonist of the film as a blood thirsty gilled villain to be feared, this author saw 'Jaws’ as a misunderstood beast. A giant of the deep to be admired, a creature of fascination.

While I could now go into a long winded analysis of the real themes of the film, I think it better if we cut straight to the reason you clicked on this link.

Here are ten reasons why sharks are truly awesome creatures (in no particular order of awesomeness).

1. Because they're great at hide and go seek (skip to 3m 48). - 

Clip via grayshep

2. Because sometimes they just want a cuddle - 

Clip via David Trescot

3. Because sometimes they need our help - 

Clip via Bodhispeak

4. They inspired some quality children's programming (products of the nineties will understand) - 

Clip via E.J's Videos

5. Nothing looks better in slow motion than sharks -

Clip via ITM Instruments

6. Because whale sharks exist - 

Clip via GoPro

7. Sometimes you won't even know they're there - 

Clip via Brad Coder

8. Without sharks we wouldn't get to enjoy the mediocrity that is the Cronulla Sharks - 

Clip via SharkNationTV

9 & 10. Because for every video of sharks doing this,

Clip via 800Kork008

there are videos of sharks doing this -

Clip via GoPro

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