Approaching the perfect cast - Surfcasting

By John DurrantNZ Fishing World
Approaching the perfect cast - Surfcasting

Much like in golf, the biggest, strongest people don’t necessarily get the most distance. The approach to the cast is just as important as the cast itself. Safety is a paramount consideration so watch the surf for a while before wading in to make your cast.

1. Read the surf. Wait for a set of waves to finish and a lull. 

2. Wade into the water towards the surf slowly, taking care to watch for any drop-offs or holes in the sand. 

3. Don’t go further than you’re comfortable with. Most fishos won’t go any further than waist-deep although you might be more comfortable only going to knee-depth. 

4. Every day is different in the surf so make a call on what you think is a safe depth to wade to. 

5. Keep your rod high and away from splashes. You don’t need to be told how damaging saltwater is to your gear, regardless of how well built it is. 

6. Once you’re at your chosen wading depth, prepare for the cast, hold the rod above chest height.

7. Turn the rod so the reel is facing the sky.

8. Gently move the rod to swing the bait a little.

9. When the bait moves away from the rod and is at the furthest away point, cast forcefully but in a fluid motion without whipping the rod. 

10. Keep the rod held high and straight out in front of you until the bait has hit the water. 

11. Click the reel to reverse and quickly but calmly make your way back to dry land, allowing line out as you go. Do not turn your back to the sea. 

12. Once back, set the reel drag and hold the rod. It’s much easier to detect bites when you’re holding it than when it’s in a holder. 

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