Baits to impress your mates - Piper rigged for cast and release

By Jeff StrangNZ Fishing World
Baits to impress your mates  - Piper rigged for cast and release

Application: Any situation where the alternative would be a popper or stickbait – ideal for kingfish around structure.


  • 1 x fresh caught piper
  • 1x 3 to 4/0 hook
  • 1 x 5 to 6/0 hook
  • 4 to 6 foot trace – 30-lb fluorocarbon is ideal
  • 1 x size 16 rubber band
  • Scissors or clippers to trim trace


1. Prepare a 2-hook trace using lighter leader. Attach the smaller hook to the end of the trace with a uni-knot. Snell the larger hook in place, allowing a six to eight centimetre gap between the two hooks. 

Place the point of the first hook on the lateral line of the piper, about four centimetres in front of the tail. Push the hook firmly through the spine of the piper until the hook point and barb are clear on the other side. Rotate the hook to sit neatly against the bait. 

2. Place the small rubber over the gape of the second hook ready for positioning in the bait. 

3&4. Insert the hook under the piper’s lower jaw and drive firmly and evenly all the way up through the bait’s head.

5. Secure this hook in place with the rubber band and this rig is ready to be cast and retrieve, much like a stickbait. 

This piper rig is deadly on kingfish. As a technique it is the first step in the process of mastering more advanced slow-troll baits and pitch baits.

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