Yellow-bellied sea snake washes up on Auckland beach

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Yellow-bellied sea snake washes up on Auckland beach

Yellow-bellied sea snake washes up on Auckland beach.

NZFW writer Michael 'Smudge' Parker (pictured holding the snake) was fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to handle this yellow-bellied sea snake that washed up alive on Auckland's Kariotahi Beach this week.

Neil Bray and his daughter were first to find the snake and quickly took to a vet. Unfortunately the snake was too unwell and did not make it back to the ocean.

While yellow-bellies are common in the tropical waters surrounding our neighbors in Australia, it is very rare for one to make its way to our shores. The fact that it made it here alive is even more astounding. 

Since the snake made it here on its own, it is not considered a bio-hazard by MAF.

These animals are highly venomous,with effects causing damage to skeletal muscle with consequent myoglobinuria, and neuromuscular paralysis or direct renal damage.

The Auckland beach the sea snake was found

Michael 'Smudge' Parker holding the sea snake

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