A full bag of snapper from the Firth of Thames

By kralcymerejNZ Fishing World
A full bag of snapper from the Firth of Thames

Kayak fishing in the Firth of Thames from the 19th of September.

An awesome day out for NZ kayak fisherman kralcymerej

"I launched at 6:15am and setup for my first drift. Unfortunately I wasn’t drifting in the direction I wanted, but thought to hell with it - just go with the flow.

The Snapper were in the shallows amongst the foul. What a beautiful red colour they were too. It was frustrating to have had many line breakages and losing a few jigheads and softies too. Also, retying braid to leader ain’t cool when I see so much sign on the fishfinder.

Back to shore just after 10am with a full bin. Only 1 moocher this session that was photographed and promptly returned. The rest of my catch ranged between the mid 30’s."

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