Rock hopping - A land-based adventure

By New Zealand OutdoorsNZ Fishing World
Rock hopping - A land-based adventure

The guys from New Zealand Outdoors go on an epic winter adventure around the rocks. A video filled with butterfish, snapper, seals and the odd bail while jumping around the rocks.

"Putting in the hard yards on a day less favoured by most can result in some nice catches. On this day the fish weren't out in numbers but the fish caught where in great condition. I'm assuming this was due to the fact that we had a lot of unwanted visitors.

A 4.8kg snapper was landed on the first cast and my first ever line caught Butterfish was brought up onto the rocks shortly after. Weather conditions where amazing, water clarity was easily 10 meters+, and sea life was just as abundant as the weeks prior. Gannets, Dolphins, Penguins and Seals everywhere.

Managed to get a few clips of the seals that were hanging around. As fun as it was watching the playful buggers we decided it was about time to pack up at around 2:15pm. Fish must have been put off in their presence which wasn't much fun for us.

Crossing the rocks at high tide though haha now that was. Leaving the area soaking wet but laughing our asses off. A few scrapes and bruises and a dead phone is a small price to pay for the beauty nature showed us this day. Truly love New Zealand and its outdoors." - New Zealand Outdoors

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