Three Kings summer spearfishing- Big kingfish

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Three Kings summer spearfishing- Big kingfish

Three epic days diving the Three Kings. Big kings and big trevally.

"Had the opportunity to go up to the Three Kings Islands 50nm north of New Zealand in December 2015. Took 2 days sailing there, then we had three days diving and then 2 days back home. The diving there is insane and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Crystal clear waters and fish life like I have never seen before. Ended up doing more observing than shooting as there was only limited amounts of freezer space and fish we could eat while up there. Thanks to to Cadwell-Smith family for taking me along with you. Fish speared were up to 30 kilos but much larger fish were seen. Trevally up to 9 kilos and golden snapper everywhere. It's a dream. Enjoy the video and let me know what you think!!"  - 
S.H.A.G. - Spearos Hunters And Gatherers

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