Jigging masterclass with pro angler Edward Lee

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Jigging masterclass with pro angler Edward Lee

Check out this awesome jigging action on board Epic Charters in the magnificent Coromandel. Using new products from Catch Fishing (a prototype spin-jig rod and 300 gram Double Trouble jigs) Jigging maestro Edward Uhai Lee shows off the best speed jigging technique we have seen anywhere.

A couple of things to note about Ed's technique.

He uses a massive amount of wrist action when working the rod AND the reel handle.

He can actually jig using just his right hand only on the reel handle, with the rod butt tucked under his arm.  Try that at home!

Note when he hooks up he will absolutely whack the fish a few times to set the hook, then gets into it to lift the fish and turn its head.

He was very impressive jigging all day long without a break, and his results were a ton of great hookups and some nice fish landed.

Certainly one of the best characters we have had the pleasure of fishing with.

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