Catch Presents - Sailfishing in Malaysia

By NZ Fishing World video productionNZ Fishing World
Catch Presents - Sailfishing in Malaysia

Sailfish are an amazing species, beautiful, fast, and a prized target on many anglers bucket lists. They take to the air, strip line and are easy to handle once you get them boat side.

Check out the adventure we had with the Catch Fishing team in Rompin, Malaysia, renown sailfish capital of the world.

It is not that expensive to travel there and provides a very authentic and memorable experience.

Filming this video was a challenge in the conditions, as four days of 15 knot winds made the fishing tough, but we all got there in the end.

If you are interested in giving this a go, have a look at the scene in Malaysia, and learn a bit about fishing there with this episode of 'Catch Presents' - Sailfishing in Malaysia.  

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