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When you sign up for a NZ Fishing World newsletter or join a NZ Fishing World website our publisher Tangible Media will collect personal information about you. By registering your details on our website, you consent to NZ Fishing World maintaining, recording, holding and using personal data we collect about you. From time to time NZ Fishing World will send you offers which we feel are of particular interest to you. If you would prefer not to receive emails from NZ Fishing World there is an unsubscribe link on all our newsletters, or call us on: 09 360 5700 any time between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. NZ Fishing World does not, and will not, sell or supply data about you or any of our subscribers to organisations outside of the NZ Fishing World group of companies and brands.NZ Fishing World uses ‘cookies’ placed in the browser file to help us collect general information about the behaviour of visitors on our site. This helps us to constantly monitor and improve our website’s functionality and personality. If you have any questions relating to privacy matters please contact us by email on:

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Tangible Media is fully committed to the Privacy Act 1993, and is dedicated to the privacy of your information.

NZ Fishing World boasts an editorial blend of lifestyle, travel and instruction that delivers a strong, upper socio-economic readership. People want to catch more fish and learn how to do it. They also want to know about quality products that will help them achieve that aim.

For print and digital advertising or club sponsorship contact Scott McDonnell on +64 21 497633 or email. For queries regarding Club Specials – please contact the company directly using the links supplied.

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