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June 2023

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Welcome to NZ’s most dynamic fishing fix.

NZ Fishing World is a multi-platform digital community for angling and boating enthusiasts of all levels.

Our dedicated audience is based in NZ and the wider South Pacific

NZ Fishing World promotions are all precisely measurable and accountable with full post analysis provided on request.  

Our written and specialised video content lives and breathes, engaging the audience and creating deeper levels of brand connection that sells.

Media channels


NZ Fishing World’s website hosts some of New Zealand’s most popular fishing content, with ten years of quality features and articles, covering near every aspect of fishing in Aotearoa.

Users from 30K to 60K per month

Seasonal page-views 50K to 100K per month

82% new users

NZ Fishing World content page

Media channels

Social Media

Available to increase reach of partner content marketing.

NZ Fishing World Facebook Page

  • Audience reach 50,000 per month
  • Powerful reach males 25-54

NZ Fishing World Instagram


NZ Fishing World YouTube

  • 5,660 subscribers
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Media channels

Video Advertising Preroll

Our newly launched video advertising platform offers you the opportunity to leverage the latest proprietary videos uploaded by the community to NZ Fishing World.

Preroll advertising plays before the main video content is viewable by the user.

Not skippable for a minimum of 10-secs view time.

Video ads can be any length and include clickable links to external landing pages and product sites.

Video preroll is currently the most in-demand digital advertising platform available to marketers.


Advertising Rates and Formats

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Costs based on monthly campaign

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Sponsorships available for selected site sections and categories

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Sponsorship savailable for selected site sections and categories


per month / excluding GST
On-site digital ads
Digital Ad Placement 50K impressions
Digital Ad Placement 100K impressions
Social Media
Per Post
Facebook page post
(plus boost) (content supplied)
Per send
Ad placement
Content placement
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Digital Ads

Digital advertisements on the NZ Fishing World website are available in the following sizes

Formats accepted include HTML5, animated gif, and jpgs.

970 x 250 ad banner
Banner 970 x 250 pixels
728 x 90 ad banner
Banner 728 x 90 pixels
300 x 600 ad tower
Rectangle 300 x 600 pixels
300 x 250 ad Mrec
MRec 300 x 250 pixels
320 x 50 mobile ad banner
Mobile banner 320 x 50 pixels

The Future

Angler's Planet launching soon

Angler’s Planet is an all-new site launching as part of NZ Fishing World.

This high-tech platform will offer advanced facilities for self-publishing user-generated content, a boat and tackle marketplace, automated trip planners and more.

Designed for anglers by anglers, we're building a comprehensive ecosystem around fishing needs, whether you're a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro.

Angler's Planet logo
Angler's Planet coming soon.

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