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Russ Hawkins

Fat Boy Charters

For more than 53 years, I've had the privilege of fishing and diving in the beautiful waters of Mount Maunganui.

In the 2000, my passion for the area led me to commission a custom-built boat from AMF boats, where my son was employed at the time in Te Puke.

My vessel, with a length overall (LOA) of 7.2 meters and 8mm bottom plating, is powered by a 240hp Yanmar engine paired with a Hamilton 213 jet. This combination allows us to cruise at a 20 knots in favourable conditions, ensuring we reach most locations quickly and in relative comfort. Fast forward 23 years and 55,000 nautical miles later, this boat is still going strong

Every day on the water still feels like a new adventure with many new and old friends. It's been a joy meeting and interacting with people from all corners of the globe, as well as many wonderful Kiwis.

I've never had any inclination to log how fish I've filleted – it must be a large number! But what  appreciate the attitude is the of most anglers - the vast majority are content with catching enough for a meal, savouring the experience, and not obsessing over hitting the bag limit.

Join me on Fat Boy Charters, and let's create some unforgettable fishing memories together!

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Russ Hawkins

Fat Boy Charters

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