11 land-based fishing spots near Tauranga

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Are you need of a few tried-true land-based spots in the Tauranga area? Here's 11 wharf, beach and rock-fishing spots to get you started.

Salisbury Wharf

The wharf extends into deep water and provides year-round fishing opportunities. Particularly productive at night you can catch a variety of species here, such as snapper, trevally, and john dory. High tide is the optimal time to fish at Salisbury Wharf.

Pilot Bay

Pilot Bay offers good fishing opportunities, particularly for flounder and trevally. Fish here during high tide and remember to bring berley to increase your chances. It's also a great spot for a relaxed day's fishing, with plenty of facilities nearby.

Waihi Estuary

This location provides an opportunity for both bait and salt fly fishing. The estuary is home to flounder, mullet, and kahawai. Aim to fish around high tide. Wading in the estuary is an option, but remember to wear suitable footwear for the muddy bottom.

Papamoa Beach

Known for surfcasting, this spot can yield impressive snapper during the warmer months. Fish during high tide, particularly during dawn or dusk for the best catch. Soft baits or shellfish are often successful here.

Bowentown Headland

This area is known for its variety of fish, including snapper, trevally, and kahawai. Be careful when casting off the rocky outcrops as you could get cut off by the tide. Try fishing here on the outgoing tide for the best results. Remember that safety comes first, especially on rocky outcrops.

Tuapiro Reserve:

A quiet location perfect for a peaceful day's fishing. The reserve offers a sandy beach that's great for long-range casting, particularly on incoming tides. Snapper, flounder, and kahawai are common catches here. Early morning or late afternoon tend to be the most productive times.

Kauri Point Wharf

Kauri Point Wharf is an accessible fishing spot offering shelter from easterly winds. Fishing off the wharf can yield snapper, kahawai, and occasionally kingfish. The area around the wharf is best fished on an incoming tide when the fish come in to feed.

Omokoroa Wharf

This location offers excellent fishing year-round. The wharf extends into deep water where snapper, trevally, and john dory are common. Fish during a high tide for the best catch. Berley can increase your chances. Remember to give space to boats coming in and out.

Sulphur Point and Sea Wall

Situated close to the busy Port of Tauranga, Sulphur Point offers fishing opportunities for a variety of species including snapper, kahawai, and trevally. Fishing off the seawall can be productive, particularly on an incoming tide.

North West Rock

Located off Mount Maunganui, this spot can be quite productive for catching snapper and kahawai. It's best accessed by boat or kayak and is best fished during high tide. Watch the currents as they can be strong.

Moturiki Island (Leisure Island)

The area around Moturiki Island offers fishing opportunities for snapper and kingfish. Be aware that currents can be strong, so take care when fishing. Fish from the rocks or wade into the water during high tide for the best results.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Remember to always adhere to the fishing regulations, and keep in mind the daily bag and size limits for different species. Always respect the marine environment and take all your rubbish home with you. Happy fishing!

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