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2024 lure coaching workshops

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Grant Bittle

Are you interested in or keen to host lure fishing workshops?

Getting the best out of our limited and very valuable time fishing is even more important these days, what with windy weather and work. Learning to maximise the effectiveness of technique and tackle the key. Watching what fish react to (and not!) for yourself, and bring your own gear along - get some help with that, it’s time to really get a lot more out of our fishing passion pastime. Whether you’re part of fishing club, a favourite store or keen to have a couple of dozen mates or more around…let me know, let’s put something together right now. There are still a few seminars possible this year to schedule, whether covering a wide variety of methods like softbaiting/slow pitch/speed jigging/inchiku/microjigging or going in-depth on a selected method. The aim is to help everyone enjoy catching fish even more on lures. Let’s do it, make it happen. Brand and non-brand workshops available.

Contact details here: ,

Facebook: Grant Bittle (Capt Espresso)

Stay in the game with good gear and good tackle, prepared and presented well = fresh fish.  


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