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Suzuki New Zealand Marine

Make Summer last longer with a Suzuki DF90ATX outboard Fully Fitted for just $15,999!

Suzuki’s DF90ATX is a leader in its horse power category combining class leading fuel economy with performance and a host of exclusive engineering features that make the Suzuki stand out from the crowd.

We have the numbers and features to back up our claims with independent testing showing the DF90ATX is the most economical in class. One of the reasons our engines use so little fuel is our offset geared driveshaft that not only moves the engine powerhead closer to the transom but also allows a larger propeller to be used. Add lean burn, which works by finding the optimum air fuel ratio at cruising speeds, and a modern four-stroke motor with a double overhead camshaft four valve cylinder head all driven by a super low maintenance oil bathed cam chain.

Smooth, quiet and powerful the 1.5L engine is wrapped in impact resistant plastic cowling. The modern looks also hide some of the other features which include the ability to set a tilt limit and an optional troll mode; it’s the little features like these that add up to a lot.

If you're thinking about a repower and are looking for the reassurance of reliability and a comprehensive 5-year warranty then Suzuki is a great place to start, the fuel savings alone should be significant. Once you add in 0% p.a. interest with no deposit, the DF90ATX is a real problem solver, especially if your current outboard can't be relied upon.

Talk to your Suzuki Dealer today!

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