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In Canterbury? Want to learn about trout fishing?

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Or seeking to improve your trout angling and learn new techniques? Come along to the free Canterbury Trout Festival starting at 8.30am on September 4 2021 at Peppers Hotel, Clearwater. We have again been able to persuade some of New Zealand's best trout anglers to come and share their knowledge and skills.

Registrations are essential for this free event, email to book your place, numbers are limited to 150 participants so don't delay.

There will be morning and afternoon sessions with indoor presentations as well as practical demonstrations where anglers can try out the techniques and equipment demonstrated earlier:

Our guest presenters are:

Andrew Burden

Andrew is a mad keen angler who spends most of his non-working time fishing and is a member of the Fly tackle NZ team. Andrew's will tell you how you can use just one fly rod for all your fishing needs, he will also demonstrate techniques like Czech Nymphing in the afternoon and can answer questions about all aspects of fly fishing.

Jake Berry

Jake is a professional New Zealand Fly Fishing and Hunting Guide born and bred in Wanaka. He specialises in guiding female anglers will provide an insight into the female fly fishing scene.

Carl McNeill

Where to begin? Federation of Fly Fishers Master fly casting instructor, Fly Fishing film producer, owner of Epic Fly rods in Wanaka and of course supreme angler, if it involves trout fishing there's no one who knows more and who's more passionate about it.

Tony Entwistle

Tony was a guide in the Nelson area, a pioneer of Heli-fishing the north of the South Island. He used to run a specialist fishing and hunting shop with his partner and was a founding member of the New Zealand Fly Fishing Team. Tony is doing a session on how to land your fish.

Chris Dore  

A Queenstown based fishing guide and well known New Zealand fly fishing personality. A member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association, in 2006 he became one of the first kiwi's to successfully pass the Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructors examination. Chris is doing a 30 min Q & A session on anything to do with fly fishing.

Katrina Placo

Katrina runs a guiding and mentoring company call Stay south, which specializes in guiding in the North Otago and Southland areas. As a female guide, she will be able to put a woman's spin on fly fishing and will no doubt have some interesting insights.

There will also be a $5 BBQ lunch, coffees on hand and spot prizes, fly tying demonstrations and much more, email to book your spot.

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