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Innovision 616 Explorer

26 August 2014
Innovision 616 Explorer

The subject of much talk from a design perspective this year we finally meet the striking Innovision 616 Explorer in person. Simon Minoprio is a motivated man. A senior marine electrician by trade currently working with Alloy Yachts, Simon is used to working at the very big end of town.

It is interesting to me that Simon, also formally a professional sailor on the World Match Racing circuit now working in the super yacht production industry, should be driven to build a trailerable fishing boat. While at first it seems in contrast to his roots it is probably more a reflection of the versatility we kiwis enjoy on a coast that offers the best of all worlds.

Innovision Boats was founded in 2012 as a partnership between Simon and his wife Haylee with the first boat being launched late in 2013. Much of the mission was to build the perfect boat for recreational use in New Zealand waters.

The unique styling of the Innovision 616 Hardtop is immediately apparent and has been commented on by most industry observers since the boat was unveiled at the important shows this year. Simon’s time in Europe has clearly inspired the look and he openly admits he holds the legendary stable Wally Boats in very high regard.

But how would this translate into a hardcore kiwi fishing machine? The answer lies in the sum of its parts.

It Starts Underwater

All designers know vessel performance starts and ends below the waterline and sailors know this better than most.

The Innovision’s plumb bow creates the fine entry needed to reduce the pitching which is often the cause of pounding. At the moment less than a handful of local builders have picked up on this trend.

Moving aft what is termed as Hydrodynamic Stability Chines create lift reducing the wetted hull surface underway. The result is a more stable and fuel-efficient vessel at speed.

Close to Fish Ready

Pulling up at a fishing spot out the back of Motutapu Island it was soon obvious that these wide stability chines help create stability at rest as well. A flooding keel adds to the effect for what can fairly be described as an excellent fishing platform the equal of the many top rated brands currently dominating the market.

Generous toe-kicks inside the cockpit offer surety for those leaning over the side although a painted strip under the coamings is a little slippery. This will be removed in future.

There is a good bait tank and a kill tank that could easily be insulated as a proper slurry box. I do think a few extra rod holders, particularly in the coamings would be useful although the two included as part of the bait board are a nice bonus.

Staying with the highly versatile theme established earlier divers will be impressed with the excellent water access and super wide aft platform – there’s enough room to walk behind the outboard fully kitted up.

In the Cabin

I personally really liked the cabin setup. It is comfortable with custom-built seating and enough console space to for electronics fans to kitted out extensively.

The visibility is also very with particularly generous windows offering wide views. Simon commented that he preferred the more tradition flat glass look on this boat and I think in this case I agree with him.

A 2.4 m forward cabin is testament to Simon’s vision that the boat needed to be a genuine overnighter. The addition of a cooker and on board fresh water would complete that package.

The Verdict

I really like where Simon is going with the Innovision concept. Starting from the foundations of a great ride that is stable at rest is a very good place to be. Fisherman will appreciate the space on offer and will welcome Simon’s desire to customize as necessary to meet an individual’s precise needs.

The company also has soft-top and centre console versions on the drawing board. I am particularly keen to see the centre console plans come to reality as I feel this is a package that could be very impressive in that format.


  • Innovision 616 Explorer with Yamaha F150A
  • LOA 6.56m Beam 2.35 Deadrise 20.5 degrees at the transom Hull construction 5mm Bottom, 4-3mm rest
  • Fuel 165 litres
  • Outboard rating 150-200hp
  • Cruise speed 22kts@4000rpm, (150hp)
  • Max Speed 35kts (150hp)
  • Towing weight 1875kg (including trailer)
  • Price as tested $120,000
  • Special price on this boat $85,000


  • Soft, fuel-efficient ride
  • Stable fishing platform
  • Spacious cockpit
  • Crafted styling
  • Large forward cabin
  • Bucket-loads of potential

Not So Much

  • Painted internal floor plate under the tow kick. Bit slippery and has been rectified going forward.

For More Information

Simon Minoprio
Phone: 021 407000
View more at

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