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"No Bait Comp" pre-competition seminar

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Grant Bittle

Join Catch Fishing for bait-free lure fishing seminars at the Mercury Bay Gamefishing Club and discover the game-changing benefits of using a light leader, enhancing your chances of a successful catch.

Whether you're aiming for victory, keen to soak up the festivities, or simply eager to enhance your bait-free fishing skills, this is the perfect to opportunit to expand you light leader skills.

Join us for our 100% Bait Free Lure Fishing Seminars.

The Whitianga Longshore Marine Lure Competition is on the horizon, and we're kicking things off with a pre-comp talk from a lure specialist on Tuesday, 7th November at 6pm. Additionally, the Wellington KP Marine open day will feature a seminar on 'Softbaiting: Then and Now' at 1pm on Saturday, 18th November.

Have you ever considered the impact of using a light leader? It's a secret weapon for many successful anglers. Simply reducing your line strength from 30lb to 20lb can significantly increase snapper strikes. Going even lighter to 10-15lb during quieter bite times can be the difference between a successful catch and settling for beans on toast for dinner. This is especially true when fishing in clear waters over open ground. A light leader can provide the edge you need.

The same principle applies to kingfish. In many areas, a 30lb leader is more than sufficient, particularly when using light gear in open waters like the Hauraki Gulf. If kingfish are preying on bait schools in the vicinity, they'll be attracted to a well-presented lure on a light leader, ensuring a thrilling fishing experience. And for those challenging days when the fish are present but not biting, perhaps due to a SE wind just before a full moon, switching to a light leader can be a game-changer. For more insights, visit the Catch Fishing Facebook page.

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