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If you have never heard of Offshore boats before, that’s not surprising, as the brand has only recently been born at the hands of the team at Northland Marine and co. With many years of experience in the trailer boat game, specialising in some of the mainstream alloy brands, Johnathan Barlow and business partner Paul Dunn from Marine North in Whangarei, set out to build the alloy boat they wanted, with no limitations or compromises.

As fabricators of high-end alloy trailers, Custom Alloy Marine, and agent for customising premiere brand Circa Boats, the Northland Marine team were well equipped to engineer and build their own boats.

Enter the Offshore 650, a sensational hull available in various configurations including sport and hard top.

There are a lot of alloy boats to choose from in the NZ market, so to stand out it helps to offer something different.

Offshore boats believe they achieve that with superior ride and build quality, and after a couple of days on the water NZ Fishing World can attest to the fact that these boats are very impressive.

Why and how are they different?  The key lies in the hull construction, specifically, the heavy plate alloy used to achieve greater strength and stiffness than most others in its class.  A mighty eight millimetre alloy hull skin, and 5mm heavily constructed base framework give the hull a very low centre of gravity and solid feel in the water.  You could be excused for thinking you’re on a glass boat the ride is so sure.

Of course, the overall hull design and technical dynamics are all part of the equation that add up to its accomplished ride.

There are some other very nice build quality touches including customised folding bait boards, and gunwale drawers, but our favourite feature was the single piece, six millimetre glass screen on the hard top, offering a real jet fighter look and extremely clear and unobstructed views out front.

If you are interested in finding out a bit more about Offshore Boats, contact them directly here:

Johnathan Barlow 027 439 1564

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