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Pat Swift Jigging Flies

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Scott MacDonnell
28 March 2021

Since the introduction of jigging for trout, this fun and very fruitful method of fishing has made catching trout in lakes a lot more fun than dragging them in on heavy lead lines.

Pretty and effective. These Pat Swift flies make a difference to your results. Period!

Jigging for trout on light spinning gear and very light braid line, means you can easily get out for a quick fish on the lakes, and be into good action within minutes if you know what to look for.

Trout often hold up against steep banks and rises in around twenty metres of water, just waiting for stray bullies or smelt to appear looking for food and shelter themselves.

Hunting trout using a set of three flies tied in a dropper fashion (just like a sabiki rig) is actually quite easy, and just like a sabiki rig, you have multiple artificial baits in the water covering a couple of metres of water column with a variety of lures, all in one go.

Dropping into the fish zone and giving the flies a gentle waft with the rod tip is all it takes to get a strike going, and trout will hit these flies/jigs in a heartbeat.

The trick, as always, is finding the trout. Use your depth sounder, or navionics app on your mobile as per the image below, to find steep banks around the fifteen to thirty metre zone, and you will soon see where trout are holding and striking.

Simply drift back and forth (not at anchor) over these areas and you will eventually pick up fish.

Note the areas of steep drop off as per arrows. Start working here or look for other areas of foul nearby (image Navionics)

The sinker provided with the Pat Swift flies is quite light, so feel free to put a bigger one on if you want a bit more feel or the wind is up a bit. A drift chute is a good idea too.

Why are the Pat Swift flies so good? These sets, available in a variety of sizes and flavours, are simply superior lures, tied at just the right spacing and on very light flourocarbon leader. This makes all the difference on a clear day and you will notice the results if you invest in these rigs, that do cost a little more than other offerings on the market.

Pat Swift flies are a quality product we have had some great results with. The jigging flies are no exception.

Check them out in most good tackle stores.

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