Suzuki Marine unveils lightweight and compact DF100B

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25 September 2017

Suzuki Marine continues to offer products that provide better acceleration, better fuel efficiency and better value with the worldwide release of the DF100B at the Genoa Boat Show today.

The new DF100B 4-stroke outboard is the lightest in its class and at just 157kg, is 25kg lighter than the current DF100A, opening up Suzuki’s mid-range outboard category to even more customers and a wide array of boats.

Aside from its compact size and performance, the new model also has the largest gear box ratio in its class and has been crafted from a proven design using the same 1502cc engine unit as the DF70A/80A/90A models.

However, Suzuki has stepped it up in the DF100B by adding a water detecting system, the advantage of which alerts the driver with an audible alarm and visual warning if water is detected in the fuel.

This means safer boating for the driver and less chance of corrosion and loss of power output in the engine itself.

Sean Allen, National Marketing Manager says the DF100B offers better value with its class-leading size.

“Boating made better is what we strive to achieve with our range of 4-stroke outboards and the DF100B delivers a number of advantages to our customers.

“Its compact size and weight makes it an ideal power choice for a wide range of boats without compromising on performance and gives customers a choice of which 100hp outboard model best suits their needs,” he said.

The DF100B also includes the same technologically-advanced features Suzuki Marine customers expect including Lean Burn fuel technology, offset driveshaft, maintenance-free timing chains and Tilt Limit System, all packaged in a stylish body with a large 3D ‘S’ Suzuki emblem and is available in either ‘Pearl Nebular Black’ or ‘Cool White’ finishes.

The DF100B and DF100A will both be available to allow customers to select which outboard best suits their boating requirements.

The announcement comes off the back of the recent launch of the flagship DF350A and updated 2017 Suzuki outboard range earlier this year.

DF100B stock will be available this summer, but for more information on the release, visit or contact your local Suzuki Marine dealer for pricing or to make an order.

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