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Tamaki Marine Park

30 November 2018
Tamaki Marine Park

There's a whole new way to take a lot of the stress out of launching your boat if you live in the Auckland area. Tamaki Marine Park offers an opportunity to roll up to a secure facility, launch straight off a pontoon into a calm estuary, and can take a lot of the hard work out of the return chores.

Dry stacks are a popular option to many boaties that can afford the luxury.

Recently we have been working with a relatively new facility, built four years ago, located on the estuary in Mount Wellington.  

Tamaki Marine Park is actually very easy to access from most of the central and southern Auckland areas, and offers a full service.  Storage, launching and retrieving, cleaning and boat maintenance.

Plenty of open space means easy launching and docking

By all accounts the staff are very good, friendly and efficient, and the service second to none.  Boats can be in the water with just an hour's notice.

The costs are surprisingly reasonable, certainly quite a bit less than you would pay for central Auckland facilities.  

The location is central and the exit into the gulf is a 15-20 minute trip up the estuary

When you add up the cost of owning and operating a trailer, the alternative option of a boat park is quite a good one, assuming you are happy always launching in the same place.

The real benefit of launching from the marina is obvious.  Just load up your boat with the day's gear.  And go!  No ramp queue, no trailer parking, no assistance required.

When you return your boat is washed and re stacked using specialist and rather giant forklifts.

What is the down side?  You do have to chug out of the estuary to get out into the gulf which can take up to 20 minutes, however that is a reality launching in many places around Auckland.

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