Thai Fish Cakes - How to make them

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Here is an incredibly tasty and different way to prepare any variety of fish that tastes amazing and is easier than it looks to prepare. It’s a great way to utilize trout, kahawai, or any other more popular fish species, that actually is more about the texture than the pure flavour of the fish.

The ingredients provide all the flavour so it is possible to use fish that might otherwise be overlooked as an option for other more common ways of cooking.

Anyone of you that loves Thai food has probably enjoyed a Thai fish cake or two as an entrée before your Tom Kha soup and Beef Massaman.

You may have also experienced the inability to replicate the incredible flavours of Thai food when you try to prepare it yourself.

Just can’t get that authentic restaurant flavour?

Well, here’s one recipe that gets pretty darn close to the real deal, so give this a crack for a crowd pleasing entrée or main meal option.

Just double up the ingredients to suit a larger meal, or play with the balance of ingredients to suit your own taste.


500 grams fish of choice chopped into small pieces

Chopped coriander to taste

2 Tbsp Thai Red curry paste (readily available in jar or can from most supermarkets)

1 egg

1 Tbsp Lime Juice

I finely chopped kaffir lime leaf

A good splash of fish sauce

¼ cup of rice flour

Several green beans finely chopped


Simply add all the ingredients except the rice flour and beans into a food processor and whizz into a thick paste until fairly well blended.

Next you can fold and mix in the beans and flour.

To create the patties, simply spoon out a number of ‘balls’ with a dessert spoon to ensure equal size, and form them into patties which can be placed on a floured surface ready to be cooked.


Some prefer to deep fry, but I like to put a good 5mm of rice bran oil in the bottom of a large frypan and quick fry either side until golden brown.

You’ll see quite clearly as the patties turn to a golden colour and you’ll certainly smell the goodness happening.

Serve with a sauce of your choice, but a good bottle of sweet chilli is the classic option as found in most of the restaurants.


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