The 2019 Daiwa Certate LT

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NZ Fishing World
20 February 2019

Daiwa are arguably the world’s biggest banger in the fishing tackle market, so when they release a new top end product we expect it to be great. The Daiwa Certate spinning reel is well up the chain of ‘bling’ and will set you back in the neighbourhood of $800 give or take. Not their very top end, Branzino and Exist are there for the Rolex fans, but certainly as good a reel as you should ever need, and capable of handling some mega sized fish, and doing it smoothly with a dash of ‘mmmmm I love using this reel’.

We’ve used many Certate models over the years and on the whole they are certainly worth singing about if you have had the pleasure.

Coming to good tackle stores near you in March 2019, is the all new Certate LT.

Here’s the low down from Japan and a few highlights that look to make this a reel that will appear on most angler’s birthday wish list.

We like the look of the weight saving technologies and the stopperless body, which will give the sea water one less place to enter the reel which might appeal to the kayaking fraternity.


With the ideal combination of LT Concept and an Aluminium Monocoque Body, the 19 Certate LT realises unprecedented lightness with increased structural rigidity and rotational efficiency.

Compact and yet with previously undiscovered power, we invite anglers into unknown territory. Be overwhelmed.

Monocoque Body

Conventional spinning reels operate on a system whereby both ends of a drive gear are supported by a body and body cover, this is commonly fixed via multiple screws. Daiwa has refined this structure aiming to improve accuracy and rigidity by screwing a high precision plate directly into the body. This increases the support and accuracy of the gear and overall rigidity.

Tough Digigear

Tough Digigear incorporates precise tolerance control that allows for the influence of sudden force on drive gear engagement. This design philosophy is supported by an ultra-precision machine cut and combined with an unique processing technology to achieve the ideal drive gear design. Tough Digigear realises high strength, indefinitely noiseless rotation, and high response to angler input.


Through years of research and development Daiwa found the solution to waterproofing rotating structures; a semi-permanent membrane of magnetic oil that is suspended between two magnetic surfaces. Magsealed technology realises increased rotational efficiency while preventing the invasion of saltwater and dust, maintaining performance under any circumstances.

Stopperless Body

We decided to remove the stopper which is an entry route for water and foreign matter. By simply finishing the body structure, we enabled a saving in weight and also a reduction in the possibility of suffering sudden or unexpected troubles in harsh environments.

Twist Buster II

Two points of support is critical to the efficient functioning of the line roller assembly whereby the direction in which force is applied is constantly variable. By adopting the use of two ball bearings to increase stability of the line roller we have realised a lighter rotation.

Machine Cut Handle

To achieve a powerful winding impression we have integrated a machine cut handle arm to increase the efficiency of power transmission and quality of tactile response. This is supported by an ergonomically designed lightweight high-grip handle knob with a 2 ball bearing specification.

Perfect Line Stopper

We have re-designed a new shape line stopper that enables both PE lines and leader materials to be effectively secured depending on the situation. The horizontal structure realises space saving in a vertical direction and contributes to the overall weight reduction of the spool.

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