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The new Stabicraft 2250 Ultracab WT is the ultimate tourer

November 30, 2020
The new Stabicraft 2250 Ultracab WT is the ultimate tourer

Stabicraft has just launched its exciting new 2250 Ultracab WT. The WT (walk-thru) model is the natural follow-up to the original 2250, launched in 2019. Since hitting the global market, the 2250 has become one of the most popular Stabicraft vessels in what was already a pretty impressive fleet.


Responding to popular demand, the new WT model features a full-height walk-thru in the forward-leaning cabin, allowing easy access to the foredeck. It’s the ideal boat for island-hopping or coastal exploring, as well as undertaking fishing excursions.

The WT concept came about courtesy of feedback from Stabicraft’s North American customers. The original 2250 has become a favourite thanks to its size and versatility making it ideal for all kinds of fishing and coastal adventures. But customers wanted more. “They wanted an easier way of embarking and disembarking in the islands and along the rugged coastline,” says Stabicraft New Product Development Manager Daniel Upperton. “Plus they wanted access to the bow of the boat for ease of fishing and storage options.”


So Stabicraft’s engineers were given a new brief: build a walk-thru version of the 2250 featuring a large, forward-raking cabin. Never the sort of crew to shy away from a challenge, they responded with a design masterclass — the 2250 Ultracab WT.

The walk-thru is designed around a spacious Ultracab that leans forward. This configuration creates more space in the cabin, improves visibility from the helm and prevents windscreens fogging in cooler climates like the Pacific Northwest and Southern New Zealand. The new doorway features a three-piece construction. A fold-down bottom section forms the steps from the cabin. The frameless glass centre

pane lifts up into a seperate roof section. Finally, the centre pane and roof section slide rearward in the cabin — a bit like a garage door. Each section is mounted with oil-dampened gas struts and can be operated single-handedly.

When it’s open, the large doorway provides easy access. When closed, the walk-thru becomes a secure, watertight compartment.

As Daniel says, “The walk-thru feature is ideal for young families or mature couples wanting to make the most of their time on the water, visiting friends and families on remote islands, hunting for crabs or clams, or just taking in wild landscapes.”

Overnighters are now also on the cards. With an optional vee berth (65.1in/1654.4mm long) plus a convertible double-cabin berth (74.9in/1902mm long), the Stabicraft 2250 WT is capable of comfortably sleeping four adults.


Hard-core fishermen won’t be disappointed in the 2250 Ultracab WT’s on-water performance. This model has got hard-earned Stabicraft DNA built into its bones. The welded aluminium floor — no timber or vinyl wrapping here, folks — helps with overall strength and longevity. And the legendary Arrow Pontoons offer the stability Stabicraft boats are famous for — whether hauling crab pots while at rest or crashing across the notorious Umpqua River Bar in Oregon, USA. They also add rigidity to the hull and help make Stabicraft vessels virtually unsinkable.


The 2250 WT also features the Game Chaser Transom as standard. Originally, this transom was designed for backing up on game fish. However, the design has also proved a huge winner for skippers who want to nose their boats into the shoreline. The transom effectively dissipates wave action at the stern, thereby minimising the jolting of rough water on boat and passengers.

Below decks are as bulletproof as you’d expect from a boat crafted by this Kiwi-crew. The Stabicraft 2250 WT is underwritten by more than 3 decades of boat manufacturing experience.

There are two packages available, the 2250 Ultracab WT and the 2250 Ultracab WT Offshore. The Offshore model features a three-quarter width transom fish box with port-side gate, rear bulkhead clear cabin curtains and a forward v-berth configuration to sleep 2 adults.


· New walk-thru door feature combined with lean-forward windscreen (Ultracab) in 22 and half foot size.

· Fully-welded aluminium floor.

· Arrow Pontoons (life-ring) and Game Chaser Transom as standard.

· Vee berth and convertible cabin berth capable of sleeping four adults (optional).

· WT and WT Offshore package options.

· Proven Stabicraft rough-water performance, strength and stability.

· Transom capable of receiving a single 25” outboard leg or twin 20” outboard legs

· Lockable cabin with rear bulkhead wall and door


STABICRAFT 2250 Ultracab WT

Length: 22.5ft (6.85m)

Beam: 101 inches (2.5m)

Deadrise: 17 degrees

Max adults: 8

Dry-hull weight (approx): 3940lb (1787kg)

BMT weight (approx): 5555lb (2,520kg)

Fuel capacity: 100gal (378L)

Recommended HP: 225HP



Mobile +64 21 222 8158


Stabicraft Marine are New Zealand’s largest trailer boat manufacturer based in Invercargill and founded by Paul Adams who remains involved in the design of each new vessel.

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