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The Pacific 62 - behind the scenes thinking into the development of Dickey Boats coming ultra-long-range sportfisher

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NZFW summarises Jason Dickey's blog updates on the development their Pacific 62. The ultra-long-range sportfisher is being specifically built to allow the goal of near self-contained fishing adventures across the Pacific and around the globe.

The Pacific 62 may well prove to be the ultimate vessel for serious marine adventurers and long-range sportfishers. For those interested in the thinking behind the development of such as vessel, here's a quick summary of Jason's three blog posts to date.

Part 1: What Have We Done!

Jason Dickey, Co-founder of Dickey Boats, introduces readers to the Pacific 62, a vessel born from decades of oceanic experience and a passion for marine exploration. The Pacific 62 stands out with four key attributes: Capability, Enabling Features, Comfort, and Affordability. Designed to foster cherished sports and activities, this vessel promises to offer unparalleled adventures on the sea.

Part 2: Tailoring a Boat for Your Adventure

The second instalment delves into the design intricacies tailored to maximise the adventure experience. From a clutter-free cockpit for mid-ocean BBQs to innovative storage solutions for adventure gear, the Pacific 62 seamlessly integrates exploration into every journey. Whether it's a day trip or a months-long Pacific exploration, this vessel ensures every need is catered for.

Part 3: Shafts, Props, and Engines: Our Perspective on the Matter

The final piece focuses on the vessel's drivetrain, a crucial component for long-range operations. After extensive research and discussions, the Pacific 62 boasts a dual drivetrain system, optimised for both efficiency and safety. The series also touches on the future of electric drivetrains, underscoring Dickey Boats' commitment to innovation.

Click here to read and follow the full details of Dickey Boats thinking and development process of the Pacific 62

Alternatively you can contact Jason Dickey on

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