Top tips for using soft baits

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Are you struggling to catch fish with soft plastics ? Well then this video is for you. We run through 10 detailed tips on how to improve your catch rates when fishing with soft plastics.

Covering common mistakes anglers make when fishing with soft plastics and tweaks to your setup and technique which helps greatly.

The 10 tips we Cover include

- Fishing lighter ( using lighter rods, reels, line, leaders and jig heads )

- Fishing slower ( understand the species and what strike zones are )

- Fishing with scents ( taking advantage of fish attracting products )

- Fishing with the rig gear ( understanding technique specific rods )

- Rig the soft plastic straight ( a basic one to ensure right swimming action )

- Learn to use your sounder ( find the fish using marine electronics )

- Experiment ( Use different types of plastics to grow )

- Use the right jig head ( understand the different types and proper usage )

- Fluorocarbon leaders ( why they work and how to use them )

- Don't give up ( stay positive, commit and the results will come ).

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