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Trout season 2020 -2021 begins on October 1st

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Freshwater anglers are eagerly anticipating the start of the new trout and salmon fishing season, which begins on October 1. Early reports indicate there is some excellent fishing to be had this coming season. Licences are available now and the photo on the licence was the winner of the 2020 Fish & Game Fishing Licence Photo competition. Take your camera with you when you go fishing because the competition will begin again in January 2021 with more spectacular prizes to be had. "Getting your licence signals that winter is over, spring is here, and Christmas is coming, which means your favourite little stream, lake or river will be open soon for fishing," Fish & Game New Zealand Chief Executive Martin Taylor says. With more Kiwis holidaying at home this year the time is right to have a go at fishing when you are camping, tramping or just visiting your local lake, river or stream. "Kiwis are exploring New Zealand like never before. Every river you cross is a fishing opportunity. "New Zealand is one of the world's great fishing countries. Our lakes, rivers, and backcountry streams all offer fantastic opportunities to fish for brown and rainbow trout. In the South Island, you can also fish for salmon in many places. "You are never far from the action."

Fish & Game is promoting an approach called ‘Park and Cast’ that lets you know areas with good fish populations which are easy to drive to. The Fish and Game website also has a Park and Cast page specifically designed to help someone with little experience trout fishing to understand the basics quickly and have a good chance of success.

Multiple types of licence are on offer, from those catering to families and individuals for a full season, or short term licences for people who want to try their hand at freshwater fishing for the first time.

"These different licences provide superb value and flexibility. The family licence, in particular, allows an angler, their partner and children or grandchildren to go fishing together. It is a great way to introduce the next generation to the joys of fishing.

"On top of the recreational enjoyment fishing provides, you can also put a meal on the table for your family with wild organic kai."

"Experienced anglers know how good it feels to be out there, and the adrenalin rush when it is 'fish on'. If you have never explored your own backyard with a fishing rod in hand, or you are relatively new to it, Fish & Game have made trout fishing easy with helpful tips and tricks on Fish & Game's website.

The 2020-21 season licences are available now in accredited sports shops and other outlets, or online through the Fish & Game’s website.


Fish &Game Communications Adviser, Richard Cosgrove - 021 646 245

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