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Bay of Islands 19 Jan
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Happy new year to everyone out there. So far it’s been a couple of weeks to remember for radical changes in the weather.

I think most of the fisherfolk, and people in general, are over the conditions but hopefully the barrage of cyclones coming down from the Islands will pass by soon.

Fishing wise it has been an up and down month too, with some great days and some not so great days for whatever reasons cause the fish to behave the way they do.

With the rest of January looking hit or miss, and the small windows to get out there, I'm hopeful that Feb will be a bit more settled and some great fish will be caught out wide and inshore, and with a thousand pounds of black marlin hitting the scales on the well-known boat Raptor, skipped by Paddy Bohan, I'm sure there are a lot of guys amping to get out wide for some more big game action.

Up close the snapper have definitely been missing a bit this season.

There doesn't seem to be the number's that we were looking forward to, even so, it still could be a really late season which is what it is starting to look like happening.

Pre-Christmas the fish were on all the reefs and in small school's out over the mud, then as all the boat traffic arrived it does go a little bit quiet, and a bit more perseverance and early starts are required.

Practising this, we had some great trips and have caught some really nice snapper in the Bay.

This time is a great part of the season to chase the big snappers in close on larger 10 inch softbaits or live baits, casting all along the eastern side of the inner islands and around Black rocks.

These have been good places early morning or late afternoons when all the boat traffic slows down.

On the kingfish side jigging has been the better of the two compared to live baits, but with the water dirty and the tax man around it has been hard to win.

Getting a fish then moving on right away has been a relatively safe and effective way to beat the sharks for us.

Out wide there have been some great catches including the giant black and numerous blues and striped marlin, not to mention plenty of yellowfin tuna, so fingers crossed we can get into a better weather pattern and enjoy the rest of summer.

Be safe tight lines

Regards Darren

This report provided by Darren Knapping, Days Out Fishing Charters


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Stop the spread of exotic caulerpa seaweed. If boating in the upper North Island, check your anchor and gear before moving location and if you find any seaweed, Bag it, Bin it! Legal controls are in place at Great Barrier Island, Great Mercury Island and Bay of Islands.


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