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Hauraki Gulf 14th Dec 2023
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@JohnPauly catching another monster snapper on the PauaPower Double Trouble, beautiful!

The Espresso Report - Good snapper fishing in warm inner areas, unpredictable results further out - all amidst a backdrop of prolific surface activity including whales and seabirds.

Whales are 'everywhere' in the Gulf, but their presence doesn't always equate to fantastic fishing. While these magnificent creatures, along with dolphins and seabirds, are enjoying the early summer, the fishing below can be hit or miss. From the outer and eastern areas of the Gulf down into the Firth of Thames, the surface activity has been prolific, but the fishing has varied between easy catches and more challenging efforts.

Saturday morning saw chocka-block boat ramps, with the Gulf being enjoyed in various ways – kayaks, boats, skis, paddleboards, and more. Everyone is eagerly anticipating the next calm weather forecast. Snapper are currently keen on the inner warm areas for breeding, offering surprisingly good fishing in 'cheeky' areas like near the harbour bridge. Lightweight gear, such as a 2500-3000 sized reel on a 7ft softbait rod with smaller softbaits, is ideal. Techniques like casting in various directions and using a twin-hook rig can be very effective, especially in high traffic areas like the Tamaki Strait, where knowing and adhering to give way rules is crucial.

Further out, past the northern areas of Waiheke and Tiri, fishing can be unpredictable, with one day being hot and the next not. A simple and enjoyable approach is trolling for kahawai, occasionally stopping to drop a Freestyle Kabura, especially if the drift speed is slow. Remember to back off the drag to avoid rod breakage when a fish strikes.

Don't forget about kingfish – whether you're into jigging, softbaiting with larger lures, or slow trolling live-baits, kingfish can be found around most islands, headlands, and workup areas, especially where kahawai are present.

Landbased kingfish catching machine @BenTupaea with his secret weapons, 10" Catch Livie Softbait – WhiteWarrior at Spot X.Outstanding stuff off the rocks!

Have a great Christmas and New Year, and enjoy your fishing adventures. Thank you for your feedback, stories, and support of the lure-fishing seminars around the country. Here's to a rewarding fishing experience in 2024!



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